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The Scientific and Technical Collection of Czech Railways is a Collection of Papers (“VTS ČD”) from the field of railway transport. Its aim is to enable publishing of especially original specialised works dealing with technical and technological challenges and principal issues in such areas as management, economy and ecology regarding railway transport.


2012 / 33

Archive of operation performance data, Data warehouse of operation performances

Data warehouse of operation performances (DTPV) has replaced the former TP412 project focused on collection of tractive stock performance data since 1 July 2011. DTPV offers quality, current and comprehensive information on tractive stock, vehicles, drivers and train crew performance data available on a real-time basis for analytical reporting through the web site. Historical data since 2008 will be loaded into DTPV in order to facilitate demanding queries and analyses, as well as to create time series and trends for estimations.

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 Petr Beneš  Milena Linhartová

Low noise screens BRENS BARRIER - An alternative solution to noise from rail transport in urban conurbations

The paper deals with a solution for reducing noise pollution from rail transport through low noise barriers with sound absorbing elements placed as close to the track loading gauge as possible, which also allows for an easy access for wheelchair interventions of rescue services in cases of emergencies, and that creates a continuous working path outside the track loading gauge.

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 Jan Eisenreich

Transport characteristics of selected wagons for intermodal transport

The paper deals with an analysis of selected indicators of transport characteristics of intermodal wagons. The paper compares intermodal wagons in terms of their main characteristics and actual transportation indicators and in terms of their possible use for transport of different types of intermodal loading units. A part of the paper is determination of load distribution diagrams for intermodal wagons and comparison of wagons based on such diagrams. Asymmetrical loading of 20 and 40-ft. containers was analysed for Sgs, Sgjs and Sgnss wagons. This analysis may be beneficial for intermodal operators, carriers and shippers.

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 Juraj Jagelčák  Jaroslav Mašek

Optimisation of distribution logistics by way of Cross Dock

This paper deals with a possibility of optimising the distribution logistic chain through Crossdock. It specifies the Crossdock conditions. It describes its different types - optimisation at the piece level or optimisation at the level of shipments. This paper describes an evaluation of the "service level" based on KPIs.

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 Jan Kodada  Pavel Zdvořák

Current web portal of České dráhy, a.s.

The web portal is an important sales channel of Czech Railways and provides for comfortable shopping through the ČD eShop. The web site offers up-to-date information services to customers in the area of operation and information concerning products and services from the current menu. The website is managed by the WebToDate software.

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 Pavel Kožený

Implementation of ETCS in Czech conditions

The European integration process leads to rail vehicle interoperability applications. This integration process enables the use of the rolling stock on foreign railway networks without changing vehicles on the state border. One of the most important fields is the use of a standard automatic train protection system. The following article deals with operation of this type of the automatic train protection system in the Czech Republic and describes possibilities of various transmission modes.

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 Miloslav Macháček

Upcoming standards for communication network and telematic and multimedia applications in trains

If the systems in trains are classified according to whether they are necessary for train operation or whether they relate to new services currently required by passengers, railway operators and other participants of the railway system, it is necessary to state that the currently used standard supports the systems of the first group. That is to say that the systems of the second group impose such requirements on the onboard communication infrastructure that cannot be met by the infrastructure which is currently available. The new standard, which is under preparation, by specifying the onboard communication infrastructure based on Ethernet and related IP technologies will make the implementation of both command, control and monitoring systems and the systems providing telematic and multimedia services possible. The specification of the latter ones is also the subject matter of the ongoing standardisation process. The paper deals with the above mentioned standards mainly from the viewpoint of systems/applications using that new communication infrastructure and from the viewpoint of comprehensive telematic and multimedia applications which are to follow the architectural style required by the standard.

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 Dobromil Nenutil

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