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The Scientific and Technical Collection of Czech Railways is a Collection of Papers (“VTS ČD”) from the field of railway transport. Its aim is to enable publishing of especially original specialised works dealing with technical and technological challenges and principal issues in such areas as management, economy and ecology regarding railway transport.


2008 / 26

New tri-systems locomotive class 380 ČD

The paper describes the new tri-current locomotive class 380 of České dráhy, a.s., the description as such being divided into the following chapters: Mechanical part, Electrical part, Brake equipment, Control, Driver’s cabin and Safety systems and communication equipment. The paper is completed by charts, diagrams and basic technical data on the vehicle.

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 Jiří Konečný  Petr Špalek

České dráhy, a.s. enlarges education about new technologies. Development e-learning courses is in a final phase.

The whole summary and detailed description of the technologies that have been developed in the framework of the 2Train project within the EU 6th Framework Programme is the first output of the project. These developed tools and technologies are going to be involved in the education system of each project partner. The reader has the possibility to find information for example about the Virtual Instructor, the Common Data Simulator interface, the Assessment Database and other tools and technologies that have been developed thanks to the project. An interesting factor of the project is the fact that all partners of the project developed different products based on the same fundamentals that complete the existing education system.

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 Jakub Pěchouček  Dušan Pouzar

Satellite system GALILEO for safety applications within the railway

The paper deals with problems of using the Galileo navigation satellite system for applications of safety relevance on the railway. Safety requirements on the satellite navigation signal of the Galileo Safety of Life are described first. In order to be able to read the quality criteria by RAMS terminology, types of defects of the Galileo system are being examined. Following that incorporating quality indicators of GNSS into railway RAMS concepts is proposed and their importance from the point of view of railway safety systems is explained. In conclusion the paper indicates an example of the train position locator based on GNSS integration with other sensors.

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 Hynek Mocek  Aleš Filip

Realization of research and development projects in a frame of a public tender published by the Ministry of Transport

The paper is the conclusion of a long lasting cooperation between CD – Telematika a.s. and its partners in the sphere of research and development of telematics application and systems financed by the Czech Ministry of Transport. The company participation in this programme belongs to one of its strategic targets, being a combination of employees` expert know-how, up-to-date technical background of the company and the latest demand on the ICT market. Each of the above-mentioned projects reflects the current needs and development in transport telematics and intelligent transport systems and the final outcome should offer an innovative and high-quality solution ready to be used in practice.

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 Martina Koutníková  Klára Holaňová

Digital communication (transmission) networks characteristics use for railway traffic management

The paper brings some actual information about applications of data for improvement in the quality of command at railway operation with transmissions of data to mobile users. Now there is a new chance for transmissions between infrastructure information systems and mobile terminals on a board with gradual enlargement service (SMS message, GPRS transmissions) in the new railway digital network GSM-R. Simultaneously it is also possible to use public mobile networks GSM for transmissions of data under some specific conditions. Some applications of data transmission which have been verified in practice are described in the article. These applications are treated in the project ”Application attributes of digital transmission networks for operation control and safety improvement of railway transport on traffic lines“ subsidized by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

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 Petr Kolář

Traffic management of Czech and Slovak railways with all-network IT support: Hand reach information

In the introduction, the contribution discusses the general significance of information for railway traffic controlling and points out at legacy railway technologies and former ways of information processing. Nevertheless its main focus are modern information systems of the railway traffic control, above all the ISOŘ family (Information systems of operation control), operated in the Czech railway network. Along with the overall conceptual structure of these systems their historical, present, and future development is presented, including their operation in the form of an outsourced service of joint development and operational expert teams.

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 David Krásenský  Ladislav Skopal

The web portal of an infrastructure manager in the Czech Republic

The paper deals with the web portal of the infrastructure manager in the Czech Republic. It describes the reasons for creating this portal and its use for internal communication, communication with operators and other partners of the infrastructure manager. All internal portal applications are enumerated here together with their functionality and use. The reader will find here the technology principles of single-sign-on. The paper mentions also conditions of the web portal operation done by outsourcing, including a graphic presentation of selected statistical data.

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 Jiří Černý  Jiří Janšta

Replacement of IS MIS 2 by the new system ”Formation Yard“

The paper addresses a replacement of the current informational system MIS 2 with new informational system VLASTA. The VLASTA information system holds all pre-requisites for providing more accurate and complex information about operation processes in shunting yards. Such information can be further used in a more efficient way not only in the operation process and operation management, but also in the economic sector of the company management.

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 Jiří Melich

Clearance gauge diagnosis system

Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization faces the task to ensure and control a clean profile on a more accurate and efficient level. The first step of realization is to prepare the Project Documentation for Gauging Wagon and to buy the Small Gauging System for Clean Profile.

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 Petr Sychrovský

Modern railway connection Brno - Vyškov

The paper takes from the thesis “Modern Railway Connection between the Cities of Brno and Vyškov” and describes the possibility of solving capacity increase and speed of the railway connection between these cities in a variant of modernization and a variant of new building as a part of the future high speed railway line.

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 Filip Ševčík  Lukáš Týfa

Elimination of barriers inhibiting full-value traveling of passengers with reduced mobility in the environments of České dráhy

Environment accessibility to passengers with reduced mobility and orientation is a widely discussed theme and also very criticized in connection with its long-time neglecting by the majority of the population and shifting aside of the society’s interests. The situation is no different in the field of public transport. This paper strives for a wide-range view of the railway environment and tries to point out multi-departmental aspects of the problem and deficiencies that the effort to eliminate barriers on the railway has to deal with. The paper is completed by vivid photographs from railway operation.

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 Jiří Nohovec

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