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The Scientific and Technical Collection of Czech Railways is a Collection of Papers (“VTS ČD”) from the field of railway transport. Its aim is to enable publishing of especially original specialised works dealing with technical and technological challenges and principal issues in such areas as management, economy and ecology regarding railway transport.


2005 / 20

Implementation of Quality Management Systems ("QMS") / Integrated Management Systems ("IMS") in the conditions of Czech Railways

The report deals with the QMS/IMS implementation in Czech Railways, joint stock company. The objective of this report is to inform the highest possible number of emploees about the principles of the Management System, about the situation of the QMS/IMS implementation projects in the individual branch organisations and subsidiary companies of Czech Railways. IMS means integrated organization management - interconnection of the individual activities and employees' knowledge in various fields. The ideal result of IMS is to provide high-quality services (or to produce high-quality products) without negative environmental impact and at the same time to protect the health of our fellow-worker and even our own. Appendix no. 1 exhibits graphically the procedure of Integrated Management Systems implementation. Appendix no. 2 shows progress and steps of Integrated Management Systems implemention - SMJ, EMS, OH SAS - BOZP a ISMS.

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 Karel Řezníček

Implementation of system ERTMS within Czech Railways

This paper gives information about an implementation of a system ERTMS within Czech Railways. In the beginning there is a brief information on history of this project and on the active participation of Czech Railways in resolving and development of this project. In next part this paper deals with the particular process of implementation of this project in Czech Republic. It gives an information on actual phase of pilot projects GSM-R and ETCS and describes organization of managing this project where Czech Railways a.s. and SŽDC participate. In the final part there is a information on plans of further implementation of project ERTMS in the Czech Republic after completion of pilot projects GSM-R and ETCS and the strategy of Czech Railway in this process.

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 Jaroslav Vašátko

A change-over from analog to digital communication

The article gives an actual information about radio systems which are used for communication during the rail traffic control.

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 Petr Kolář

GSM-R, wireless system for railway comunication

The aim of this paper is to describe main characteristics of the system GSM-R (Global System for Mobile communications – Railway), reasons of its creation and current situation of implementation on the tracks in Czech Republic.

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 Jiří Šustr

Implementation of maintenance and repairs modul (PM) of SAP R/3 system within the Czech Railways a.s.

The article gives a brief information about an architecture of solving of maintenance and repairs modul of SAP R/3 system within the Czech Railways a.s.

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 Petr Limberg  Leoš Říha  Miloš Fiala

Information technologies for energy administration within Czech Railways, a.s.

The text gives a brief information on the solution of architecture of the global customer information system for energy administration – domain electricity – within Czech Railways, joint stock company, with the utilization of the SAP IS-U/CCS product. One of the capitols deals with the very implementation of the IS-U/CCS project within the Railway Energy Administration Hradec Kralove.

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 Jaroslav Ráb a projektový tým


The paper gives brief information on the integrated project INTERFACE which was solved under the Fifth EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. The project was dealing above all with optimizing of combined transportation handling in border crossing terminals. Within the scope of the project three European railway border crossings were focused on: Cerbere / Port Bou (Spain - France), Domossola / Luino (terminal Novara at the Italian – Swiss border) and Břeclav / Hohenau (Czech Republic – Austria). On a theoretical level the project was engaged with identification of problematic issues on the corridor Stockholm – Helsinki – Finnish/Russian Border – Moscow.

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 Petr Jindra

Transport of disabled people on railways

The report is about the state of mobility of disabled people on railways. There are examples of critical places from transportation phases and accessibility classification by coefficient of accessibility ß.

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 Soňa Čtvrtečková  Jaroslav Matuška

Alternative fuels and gears in public transport, a solution applicable in rail traffic

This article is about some possibilities how to reduce negative impacts of transport on the environment by using new renewable fuels, not fossil ones, and new propulsion systems for the public transport.

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 Rudolf Mrzena

Perspectives of a bimodal tram in Prague

This article reminds problems concerning integration with the exploitation of the systems on track of two different transport systems. At the same time there are enumerated basic difference between tram and rail traffic including problems which have to be solved before introduction of integration put into practice. Subsequently the places are presented, which can be used and in final stages of preparation and realization of bimodal tram project are proposed. This approach could be used after the assesment of single places in any agglomeration in the Czech Republic, where the presented transport systems are operated.

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 Pavel Houda

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