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The Scientific and Technical Collection of Czech Railways is a Collection of Papers (“VTS ČD”) from the field of railway transport. Its aim is to enable publishing of especially original specialised works dealing with technical and technological challenges and principal issues in such areas as management, economy and ecology regarding railway transport.


2003 / 15

Interoperability a management of technical specifications - a prerequisite for the functionality of the European railway system

The paper provides basic information on the reasons for elaboration of the European Union directives concerning the interoperability of the European railway system, both high-speed and conventional. It clarifies the roles of the different partners, primarily of the European Association for Railway Interoperability - AEIF. It explains the basic concepts mentioned in the EU directives, their binding effect and impacts of the application on the member and candidate countries of EU. It mentions the relation of the directives to other prepared EU directives on the operation safety and on the European Railway Agency (ERA). It informs on the project of Phare, which should solve the application of the directives in the Czech Republic.

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 Claudia Adamy

Current state and future of IS in ČD (Czech Railways)

The article describes the current state of the Information system of ČD (Czech Railways), including a brief description of the historical development since the last decade of the last century. It describes the most important applications, technical security and architecture, the state and management of the information technology in the Czech Railways. In the section devoted to the development it indicates an optimistic and pessimistic variant of further development, depending on the possibilities and willingness of the top management of the Czech Railways to develop this important area of operation of the Czech Railways.

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 Marek Neustadt

Services and metrics as a management tool of IS/IT

The article describes the manner of information technology management within an organization by means of "information technology services". It explains the basic approach to such a manner of management both in general and in the concrete conditions of the Czech Railways. It clarifies the relation of the concept of services to the related concepts of metrics and contracts on provision of services (SLA), outsourcing and process management. The article also informs on the course and result of the last projects, implemented in the Czech Railways and focused on the system of information technology management in the Czech Railways.

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 Václav Řepa

Intranet as support of transport company management

Intranet is a company communication and information system based on the internet technology. The gateway in the intranet is the intranet portal. The proposed intranet portal is an important point in the intranet design of every company.

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 Jiří Černý

Computer support of transport process management

The core of this paper is the description of basic SW tasks determined for the management of transport processes on all organizational levels of the Czech Railways. Every workplace is equipped with computer technology and SW for the support of its activities. Further development of this area is primarily focused on concentration of the management activity in fewer work positions with a larger territorial reach. The introduction of new technologies minimizes the impact of the human factor.

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 Miroslav Hejcman

Cycle time schedule and possibilities of its application on line Prague - Mladá Boleslav - Turnov

The paper deals with the possibility to make the long distance railway transport on line Prague – Mladá Boleslav – Turnov more attractive by introducing a cycle time schedule. The possible introduction of cycle transport on the existing line and on the planned new connection via Lysá nad Labem is compared there.

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 Petr Vaněk

Information system for archiving and administration of digital documentation of investment construction in the Czech Railways

The Czech Railways (České dráhy s.o.) implement hundreds of investment actions every year. The documentation of these constructions represents ten thousands of documents and drawings. Since 2000 the documentation of every investment action, where the Czech Railways participate as the investor, has been accepted and archived based on exactly defined rules in IS for archiving and administration of the digital documentation on base InvestDokument v. 4.01. Since 2001 the digital documentation has been archived in electronic archives of the Czech Railways and it has been accessible to all authorized user on the intranet of the Czech Railways.

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 Aleš Gregor

EU directives for the assessment and management of noise that affects the environment

The interest of the European Union in the protection of the environment is also reflected in the EU transport policy regarding the permanently sustainable development. The protection against excessive noise emissions is an important part of the policy. In the so-called "green" document on the future EU noise policy the existing approaches and measures of the Member Countries to the noise policy were analyzed and compared. It was stated in the conclusions that the efficiency of the applied approach was not satisfactory. The proposal of Directive COM (2000) 468 was created to improve the current situation, which was later accepted as Directive 2002/49/EC. The content of the Directive is mentioned in the paper, including the substantiation and political background.

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 Jan Hlaváček

Introduction of ČSN EN ISO 14001 – environmental management system (EMS) on the Czech Railways in railway node Liberec

The paper describes and assesses the introduction of EMS in operational unit DKV Liberec as the pilot project on the Czech Railways. It also evaluates the practical impacts on everyday activity of the unit (maximum consideration for the environment) and the possibilities of possible extension of the managerial system in the network of the Czech Railways.

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 František Šebek

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